Teachers Resources : Supports for Students that may be affected by the Short Animated Film

Sometimes talking about death and dying can make us feel very emotional. I am not aware of the life stories or lived experiences of your students and you may not be aware of  the different losses that they may have experienced in their lives.   I am conscious that I am not there in person to support students so I want to give you some supports that may be helpful and useful if needed. All of these resources are free to access.


Teens Finding their Way through Grief

  • St Francis Hospice’s bereavement support services work with people of all ages who are finding their way through grief, including teenagers and young adults. Working together with some of the teens who were accessing bereavement support, the social work department wrote and published a book, Finding Your Way Through Grief: For teenagers and young adults.   The book gives a message of hope. It acknowledges how painful the loss of a loved one can be but it describes how grief is an active process and how we can try to find ways through grief that work for us so that life can be good again. You can order the book at www.sfh.ie/online-shop (Shipping is free of charge to addresses in Ireland and the UK).
  • The death of a family member, a relative or a friend can bring up many strange and painful feelings. We have recorded a talk by one of our social workers called A Journey through Bereavement.  The talk will describe some of the different ways people experience grief, as well as discussing ways of coping. Here is the link for the event:

Bereavement Support – A journey through bereavement https://vimeo.com/432412572/19380d2ad3

Other organisations or resources would be:

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