What do you know about palliative care? Test your knowledge by choosing true or false for the following statements.

Palliative Care Week 10-16 September 2023

Palliative Care: Living for Today, Planning for Tomorrow. This year’s campaign takes place from the 10-16 September.

Why Palliative Care Week ?

  • Misunderstanding about palliative care persists, meaning some people who could benefit are less willing to seek it, potentially missing out on improved quality of life
  • It comes under the broad understanding of public health approaches to palliative care
  • It is in line with key palliative care policies across the island of Ireland

If you would like to get involved in Palliative Care Week 2023, please contact Paula Pinto Araya, email:

AIIHPC will continue to build on and learn from the success of previous Palliative Care Weeks. Those who wish to find out more about what happened in previous campaigns can read the reports below:

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