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Palliative Care Week 2020 - Palliative Care: In this together

Palliative Care Week will take place from Sunday 13 to Saturday 19 September 2020.

Palliative Care Week aims to raise awareness of the difference palliative care can make to people with life-limiting conditions, carers and families throughout the island of Ireland.

For Palliative Care Week 2020, we at AIIHPC feel that it is essential to speak into the ongoing COVID-19 context and promote what palliative care has to offer.

The theme and tagline ‘Palliative Care: In this together’ reflects this. Quality of life is sustained where all supports for a person with palliative care needs are mobilized, including the wider community alongside health and social care, which has been a feature of the community response to COVID-19. 

We invite all those with an interest in promoting awareness and understanding of palliative care to think how they can get involved in Palliative Care Week. Due to ongoing social/physical distance restrictions, please think about engaging a different way – maybe you can support media activity, including social media, or you may think of an online event.  

Why Palliative Care Week ?

  • Misunderstanding about palliative care persists, meaning some people who could benefit are less willing to seek it, potentially missing out on improved quality of life
  • It comes under the broad understanding of public health approaches to palliative care
  • It is in line with key palliative care policies across the island of Ireland

You can read the AIIHPC report on Palliative Care Week 2019 here.

If you would like to get involved in Palliative Care Week 2020, please contact Brendan O’Hara at AIIHPC on

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